Philcon Program Grid


Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)Plaza VII (Seven)
4:00 PMJews in Space: Friday ServicesSCREENING: Slayers (eps 1-2) [TV-PG]
5:00 PMJews in Space: Friday ServicesSCREENING: Slayers (eps 3-4) [TV-PG]
6:00 PMOpen Gaming starts at 6pmSCREENING: Slayers (eps 5-6) [TV-PG]The Death of Whimsey
7:00 PMAutographs: Ken Altabef and Christopher D. OchsRussian and Soviet SFThe Future of WorkReadings: Robert C. Roman at 7pm & Philippa Ballantine at 7:30pmIngress Meet & GreetFilk: Anime Christmas Concert [Family Friendly]The Best of Military SFLet The Deep Ones Sleep: Early Horror Fantasy *Not* Penned By H.P.L.The Marvel Cinematic Universe Year-In-ReviewThe State of The Hugo Awards in 2016Safe Bleaching and Dye Removal from Fabric
8:00 PMAutographs: Philippa Ballantine and D.H. AireWriting for MediaThe Unsung Heroes of ScienceReadings: Sally Weiner Grotta at 8pm & Darrell Schweitzerat 8:30pmGame: D&D 5E - The Quest for the Sword Trees (Will run later tonight!)The November Meeting of the Philadelphia Science Fiction SocietyA Beginner's Guide to Hand Embroidery and BeadingHardboiled SF & FUtopias That Make Us CringeCompetence P...AppreciationLearning to be an Effective Panel ModeratorDressing for the SCATheme Circle: Warriors and Battles
9:00 PMDavid Kyle ReminiscenceWelcome to Night Vale: An Auditory IntroductionOpen GamingAnime Opening and Closing ThemesStories That Haunt Us"Reverse the Polarity? But that Would...!"Post 9/11 TV and FilmThe Fantastic Four [Family Friendly]Need Help Finishing Your Masquerade Costume?Theme Circle: Horror Songs
10:00 PMThe Worlds of C.J. CherryhGame: One Night Ultimate Werewolf - FridayDorian's Dance Party, Hour 1Shingeki No Eva: Are There Original Plots Anymore? [18+]Vampire Fiction in Modern ErasSearching for Original Dynamics in Paranormal RomanceHow Diversity in Fiction Impacts Everyday LifeFriday Night Open Filk
11:00 PMEye of Argon Interactive: Chapter ThreeCards Against SF Deck Creation PartyDorian's Dance Party, Hour 2Dante's Monster Musume [18+]Crucifix Nail Nipples, and Other Horrors from the Slush Pile [18+]
11:59 PMGame: Cards Against Humanity - Friday [18+]SCREENING: When They Cry (eps 1-4) [TV-MA]


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)Plaza VII (Seven)
9:00 AMSaturday Morning Movie: World Without EndSCREENING: Non Non Biyori (eps 1-2) [TV-PG / Family Friendly]Jews in Space: Saturday Services
10:00 AMEverything You Know About Fairy Tales Is Wrong(3D Printing Demo Set-Up)Writer's Workshop, Hour 1Consuite Opens For The DayTaking Your Game From Concept to CreationSCREENING: Non Non Biyori (eps 3-4) [TV-PG / Family Friendly]Speculating With Respect: Using Religious Texts as Inspiration for FictionJews in Space: Saturday ServicesSinging in a Group: How Acapella Ensembles Work
11:00 AMDrawing for Comics & Graphic NovelsAutographs: Theodore Krulik and David SilvermanWriting For Aliens: Constructing Languages3D Printing Presentation, Hour 1Writer's Workshop, Hour 2Shared Storytelling in GamesDavid Kyle: His Impact on Science Fiction and FandomSteven Universe: Made of Love [Family Friendly]Slooow BooksDinosaur Fiction!The Classic Hammer Films: An OverviewIntersectionalism and FandomUsing Stencils On Fabric
12:00 PMAutographs: D.L. Carter and Neil ClarkeStar Trek: The Problems of the Federation3D Printing Presentation, Hour 2Readings: C. J. Cherryh at 12pm & Lawrence M. Schoen at 12:30pmRolling for Social Skills: Interactive Media and Interpersonal DevelopmentDavid Kyle: His Impact on Science Fiction and FandomMaking Your Voices HeardWhat To Do When Real Science Outpaces Your Current SF ProjectEverything is Science FictionThe Changing Nature of FandomArt Creation and DisabilityWorkshop: Make-n-Take Encaustic Monoprints [Family Friendly]Theme Circle: Classic Filk Songs
1:00 PMWorkshop: Origami Spaceships [Family Friendly]Autographs: Lawrence M. Schoen and Larry HodgesStar Trek: Where Has it NOT Been Boldly Going?Woman's Armor Through HistoryReadings: Andi O'Connor at 1pm & Fran Wilde at 1:30pmTea with C.J. CherryhAugmented Reality GamesSpecial Guest presentation by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.AMV HourContinuing Your Series after the Original Conflict is ResolvedCultural Representation vs Cultural AppropriationSpace Colonies: Can We Meet The Challenge?It's Time to Let "Mary Sue" Off the HookWriting Hand-to-Hand CombatTwo Half-Hour Concerts - Denebian Slime Devils and Neil Fein
2:00 PMAutographs: Elyse Rosenstein and Fran WildeRepresentations of LGBATI & Queer Characters in Recent SF & FThe Hunt for Alien WorldsReadings: Gordon Linzner at 2pm & Christine Norris at 2:30pmKnitting Circle and Open Textiles Crafting, Hour 1 Tabletop Games for Families, Hour 1 [Family Friendly]Musing on 20 Years of Art by Dave SeeleyThe Other 362: Other Anime Stuff to Do [Family Friendly]Generating a Balonium Field: Pseudoscience in SF StorytellingUnderstanding the Grant GameSupergirl's Super TV Series!DC Comics: Getting the Band Back TogetherWigs: Styling, Care & FeedingTwo Half-Hour Concerts - Dr. Seti and Mattie Brahen
3:00 PMMasquerade Greenroom from 3:00pm to MidnightThe Cloak of InvisibilityKnitting Circle and Open Textiles Crafting, Hour 2Tabletop Games for Families, Hour 2 [Family Friendly]Principal Speaker presentation by C.J. CherryhAnime You Should Be Watching: 2016 EditionPsionics: Where Did They Go?Stepping Over the Bechdel TestConcert - Zoe Gray
4:00 PMDemo: Dryer Lint ArtAutographs: C.J. Cherryh and Dave Seeley(Masquerade Greenroom)Stargates: The Theory and The PracticeBroad Universe Rapid-Fire ReadingsWorkshop: String Bracelets [Family Friendly]Open Gaming from 4pm to 2am(Room Closed for Tech Changeover)Gravity Falls: a Retrospective [Family Friendly]A Creative Palette Furnished by MoorcockThe Impact of Star Trek on Literary SFStar Wars: The Fans AwakenWomen in Comics: Coming AttractionsRemembering David HartwellTheme Circle: Songs From TV Shows
5:00 PMArtwork Tour with Dave SeeleyAutographs: Gordon Linzner and Anna Kashina(Masquerade Greenroom)Ray Harryhausen: A LifeReadings: Jane Fancher at 5pm & L.E. Modesitt, Jr. at 5:30pmDesigning QuiltsGame: Post-Apocalyptic Blues: Taking Care of BusinessMasquerade RehearsalLegend of Galatic HeroesCan Interplanetary Governments Actually Work?Things You Should Read That You Might Not Have Heard AboutHow do We Make Science Education More Engaging? [Family Friendly]Why Gaming Is Important To FandomWorkshop: Writing DialogueMemorial Filk Circle
6:00 PMAutographs: Anthony Dobranski and Brian Koscienski(Masquerade Greenroom)The Living Multiverse Design Diaries: Cosmology EditionReadings: Day-Al Mohamed at 6pm & Jay Smith at 6:30pmOpen Gaming(Room Closed for Tech Changeover)SCREENING: Princess Jellyfish (eps 1-2) [TV-14]Effectively Lampshading Anachronism in FantasyThe Care & Feeding of EditorsArtificial Intelligence: Should We Fear The Rise Of The Machines?Open Filk Sessions
7:00 PM(Masquerade Greenroom)Telling Science From PseudoscienceReadings: Alex Shvartsman at 7pm & Tom Purdom at 7:30pmThe eSpec Books Launch Party, Hour 1Open Gaming7:30 - Doors Open For Masquerade SeatingSCREENING: Princess Jellyfish (eps 3-4) [TV-14]Read & Review: Tom Godwin's “The Cold Equations”What's with the AI Apocalypse?Seeing the Wild: Animal Photography, Art, and ConservationTwo Half-Hour Concerts - Roberta Rogow and Gary Ehrlich
8:00 PM(Masquerade Greenroom)The eSpec Books Launch Party, Hour 2Game: Numenera RPG (8pm to Midnight)The Sandy Swank Memorial Masquerade, Hour 1The History of Japan in 10 MinutesIntrusive vs Immersive FantasySherlock's Siblings: The Other Works of A.C. DoyleLabyrinth
9:00 PM(Masquerade Greenroom)The Sandy Swank Memorial Masquerade, Hour 2What's Next for Studio GhibliPennsylvania WeirdTime Management for WritersMany Fine ReturnsTheme Circle: Perky Songs
10:00 PM(Masquerade Greenroom)Pirate, Ninja, Shapeshifter, Magical Girl*Reading: Barry B. LongyearGame: One Night Ultimate Werewolf - SaturdayThe Vault of HorrorHere Comes the Bride! ~ The Red Weddings and Notorious Nuptials of AnimationDeveloping Cultures and the Historic Rise of CivilizationsThe 50th Anniversary of "Space and Time" MagazineWorkshop: Using Story Forge Cards and Tarot Layouts for Story PlottingSaturday Night Open Filk
11:00 PM(Masquerade Greenroom)Whose Line Is It, Anyway?Game: Cards Against Science Fiction [18+]Bad Anime Bad!Alien Genitalia and Interspecies "Relations" [18+]
11:59 PMGame: Cards Against Humanity - Saturday [18+]SCREENING: Toward the Terra [R]Dinosaurs in the Bedroom, Sentient Planes in the... [18+]


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)Plaza VII (Seven)
9:00 AMSCREENING: The Boy and the Beast (Hour 1) [PG-13]
10:00 AMThings to Know Before You Write the ScriptThe Gardens of SpaceOpen Gaming from 10am to 3pmSCREENING: The Boy and the Beast (Hour 2) [PG-13]Writing Relatable HeroesEnvironmental SFSunday Meeting for WorshipEverything You Wanted to Know About Filk
11:00 AMDemo: Watercolor PaintingAutographs: David Sklar and Tom PurdomFoundations of Worldbuilding: Sustenance and EconomicsEmbodied Cognition and ShapechangersReadings: Hildy Silverman at 11am & Gregory Frost at 11:30amOpen GamingProgressions: An In-Depth Look at Process with Dave Seeley, Hour 1Pokemon: 20 Years and Still GO-ing [Family Friendly]Giving- and Receiving- CriticismMarketing Multi-Genre WorksMatriarchy and Misandry Are Coming! Are You Ready?The Black PantherCosplay Basics: Sourcing Your Materials
12:00 PMAutographs: C.J. Cherryh and L.E. Modesitt, Jr.Small Press Magazine PanelBiohacking: Maker Culture in the Life SciencesReadings: April Grey at 12pm & Tee Morris at 12:30pmPokemon Go Meet & Greet [Family Friendly]Open GamingProgressions: An In-Depth Look at Process with Dave Seeley, Hour 2Anime for the Little Ones [Family Friendly]The Prehistory of SFAirships and Arya-SamajDoctor Who's Next?Where is Fanfiction Going that Mainstream Media Still Fears to Tread?How to Take Headshots for Author BiosTheme Circle - Outdated Topical songs
1:00 PMAutographs: Dina LeacockCreating Maps for Game PlayThe Art of ScienceReadings: Stephanie Burke at 1pm & Tobias Cabral at 1:30pmOpen GamingDune Documentary: Screening and Discussion, Hour 1These are a Few of My Favorite ScenesHard Reset or Branching Continuum?So Should I Just Self-Publish Through Amazon, or What?Imagining an Atheist RealityMasquerade Post-GameWorkshop: Reading Your Work AloudPhilcon 2016 Songwriting Contest Performances
2:00 PMAutographs: John Grant and Amy Howard WilsonPractical Lessons in Home AutomationAmazing Art and Storytelling in Video GamesReadings: Kyle Cassidy at 2pm & Peter Prellwitz at 2:30pmOpen GamingDune Documentary: Screening and Discussion, Hour 2SCREENING: Steins;Gate (eps 1-2) [TV-14]The Forgotten British Invasion: A Hitchhiker's GuideWhat Should I Read Next?The Changing Media LandscapeAnatomy of a ScheduleFilk Gripes & Dead Cheesesteak Filk
3:00 PMPhilcon Feedback Session