Philcon Program Grid


Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
4:00 PMJews in Space - Shabbat ServicesScreening: Crest of the Stars (eps 1-2)
5:00 PMScreening: Crest of the Stars (eps 3-4)Writing for Aliens: Creating Arts CulturesMatch That Theme Song! [Family Friendly]
6:00 PMCreative Curses to Inflict on Your CharactersTesla, Gernsback, and the Birth of SFReadingsOpen Gaming starts at 6pmFrom East to West: The Changing Face of AnimationAdvantages and Disadvantages of Self-Pub.Artists That Have Influenced MeWorkshop: Exotic Building Toys [Family Friendly]
7:00 PMDelany, DonovanHeists on the MoonBlack Holes Explained!ReadingsMobile Suit Lyrical NanohaHow Different Ways You Read a StoryHow Close Are We To Replicators?Video Games and DisabilityBuilding a Bug-Out BagFilk Theme Circle: Space AdventuresMiss Lizzy's Traveling Historical Fashion Show
8:00 PMPalmatierPSFS Meeting & 8:20pm: How To Navigate PhilconChicken Soup for the...Brain?ReadingsGame: D&D 5E - The Dragon Turtle Back ZooVenture Bros. Returns!Learning to Be an Effective Panel ModeratorFantasy Without Fantasy?So You Want To Make A Podcast...Steve Ditko Requiem & RetrospectiveConcerts: Denebian Slime Devils, Mark MandelWorkshop: Ribbonwork Techniques
9:00 PMMeet The Pros & Art Show ReceptionGaming Suite Meet and GreetThe Chromatics: Concert #1Anime Blinded Me with ScienceVictorian-Era FantasyBharat's Ballads, Part 1Filk Theme Circle: Best Family SongAdapting Textile Arts for Manual Disabilities
10:00 PMDemo: Painting in Lint [Art Show]Meet The Pros & Art Show ReceptionRoom Discussion: WestworldPaging Dr. Bashir: The Ethics of Hacking HumansGame: One Night Ultimate WerewolfFriday Night DanceAnime Armaments & Toon TacticsRead & Rev: Seasons of Glass and IronBharat's Ballads, Part 2Friday Night Open FilkNeed Help Finishing Your Masquerade Costume?
11:00 PMRoom Discussion: The Woman Who Fell To EarthEye of Argon Interactive: Chapter FiveGame: Cards Against Humanity [18+]Bad Anime, Bad! 2018 EditionAngsty Fic Tropes and Why We Love Them
11:59 PMScreening: Hellsing (eps 1-4)


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AMScreening: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (eps 1-2)Jews in Space - Shabbat Services (Hour 1)Workshop: Exotic Building Toys [Family Friendly]
10:00 AMThe Fiction of Steven BrustTranshumanism in Fairy TalesWriter's Workshop (Hour 1)One Bad AppleScreening: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (eps 3-4)Indie Pub 101: Project ManagementWorkshop: Performing a ReadingDCEU: A Light at the End of the Tunnel?Jews in Space - Shabbat Services (Hour 2)Panel: Filk By Any Other NameWorkshop: Watercolor Starry Sunsets [Family Friendly]
11:00 AMArt Show Tour with Gary LippincottClarke, WendlandA Tribute to Ursula K. LeGuinSpace Force or Space Farce?Writer's Workshop (Hour 2)Tea With Steven BrustWorkshop: Pantheon BuildingThe Chromatics: Concert #2I Mustn't Run Away…Indie Pub 102: The Editing ProcessFoundations of Worldbuilding: Planetary Systems & SpaceDesigning Original CostumesDiversity and Representation in 2018Open FilkWorkshop: Miniature Hat Decorating - $5 fee [90 min] [Family Friendly]
12:00 PMWorkshop: Polymer Clay Sculptures [Family Friendly]The ChromaticsRemembering Gardner DozoisThe Depictions of Technology in Star Wars and Star TrekReadingsWorkshop: All-Ages Game DesignWho Framed Roger Rabbit: 30th AnniversaryIndie Pub 103: The Publishing ProcessA Creative ApocalypseGiant Monster Appreciation PanelFor Panelists, by PanelistsConcerts: Amy Fass, Ian Hanley12:30 - Workshop: Beaded Cabochons - $10 fee [90 min]
1:00 PMWorkshop: Creative Drawing [90 min]Stockdale, Berman-GorvineRecipes for Character CreationNext Generation Weather SatellitesReadingsFamily Friendly Open Gaming (Part 1)Special Guest Marshall Ryan MarescaSocial Progress at 24 Frames per SecondIndie Pub 104: MarketingYour Android Lover's Brain Was HackedThe OrvilleHow Not to Die From Exposure1:15pm: Filk Concert by Cosplay Joe
2:00 PMLinzner, SchoenMarvel's Next PhaseThe Moon, The Stars, and Mars: The Ethics of Colonizing SpaceReadingsKnitting Circle and Open Textiles CraftingFamily Friendly Open Gaming (Part 2)Artist GoH Gary LippincottShoujo Manga that Breaks the MoldHow to Plot a MurderThe Robot "Other"King KongEntering Your First Masquerade?Theme Circle: Strange Places2:30 - 5:30: Participate in a Synthetic Biology Experiment!
3:00 PMWorkshop: How to Draw Dinosaurs! [Family Friendly]Heyer, KashinaGetting Started with Digital ArtThe Big Score: The Soundtrack of Science FictionReadingsPrincipal Speaker Steven BrustAnime for Sci-Fi FansWhat Scares Us Now?Don't Open That Airlock!Finances for FreelancersHaunt & Horror CostumingFilk Theme Circle: Road Trips
4:00 PMWorkshop: DIY "Animation" [Family Friendly]Brust, LippincottExoplanets and the TESS MissionBroad Universe Rapid-Fire Readings4:30 - 6pm: Masquerade RehearsalsInuyasha: Feminism in a Feudal Fairy Tale (90 min)The City2018 Hugo Nominee ReviewThe 50th anniversary of 2001: A Space OdysseyBlack Panther: Where Do We Go From Here?Concerts: Kathy Sands, Marc Glasser
5:00 PMDemo: Watercolors with Alan BeckMaresca, KreuterMars or Bust! The Theory and Practice of Travel to MarsReadingsBook Launch: by Phil Giunta and Steve Wilson5:30pm - Screening: My Hero Academia (ep 1)Point of View in FictionWhat Does a "Strong Female Character" Actually Look Like?Politics and Deep Space NineCrowdfunding for Fun and...What Do You Mean We LOST Money???Memorial Filk Circle
6:00 PMGrossman, VentrellaWorkshop: Drawing The Costumed FigureReadingsScreening: My Hero Academia (eps 2-3)Writing Intimate Relationships in the Era of TheyOur Fascination with MarsIntentionally Retro SFAirships and Arya-Samaj [90 min]Open FilkWorkshop: Creating Settings for Fiction and RPGs
7:00 PMStar Trek: DiscoveryBook Blogger HangoutBook Launch: Mike McPhail & Danielle Ackley-McPhail7:30 - Doors Open For Masquerade SeatingScreening: My Hero Academia (eps 4-5)Post-Religious Science FictionPerformance: The Hunting of The Snark [30 min]7:30pm - Mantras, Mudra, Sutra & MECHA!!! [90 min]Open FilkTabletop DMing 101
8:00 PMThe Dark Forest TheoryAwaken the Stars Meet & GreetGame: Golden Templars RPG [8pm to Midnight]The Sandy Swank Memorial Masquerade with a Half-Time show by The ChromaticsThe New Wave of Animated RoyaltyMeet the Editors!Liminal Spaces in AmericanaFilk Theme Circle: Songs of ActionGame: Introductory Session for Pathfinder 1st Edition [8pm to Midnight]
9:00 PMSF and Video GamesTotally Subversive ToonsMy Patronus is a Monster TruckThe Paradox of Writing SFTactical: A Gaming & Lateral Thinking PanelFilk Theme Circle: Best Sing-Along SongGame: X-Wing Minis [8 - 10pm]
10:00 PMShows We’re (Still) Not Over The Endings OfGame: One Night Ultimate Werewolf10:30pm - Screening: AM 1200 [40 min]Tackling Sexuality and Gender Identity in Anime and Manga [18+] [90 min]Things to Remember When Negotiating a One-Night Stand with The Fae [18+]The 200th Anniversary of FrankensteinRedesigning You: A Guided Meditation to Your Newly Minted PersonaSaturday Night Open Filk
11:00 PMWhy We Hate Big Bang TheoryGame: Cards Against Humanity [18+]11:30pm - Screening: Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (ep 1)A Dramatic Reading of Chuck Tingle [18+]Harlan Ellison RetrospectiveCosplay Court Case: Night Court [18+]
11:59 PMScreening: Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (eps 2-4)


Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AMRED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE IN THE RIVERSIDE BALLROOM: 9am to 1pmOpen Gaming from 10am to 3pmScreening: Wolf Children (Hour 1) [Family Friendly]Workshop: Exotic Building Toys [Family Friendly]
10:00 AMFifty Years of PernThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Current Technology TrendsReadingsScreening: Wolf Children (Hour 2) [Family Friendly]Writing Like The DickensScience Fiction and The Men In BlackWhat Your Body Language Says About YouSunday Meeting for WorshipFilk Theme Circle: Classic FilkFound Objects and Unconventional Materials
11:00 AMAltabef, GreyYou're Always Learning How to Write BetterThe Future of Synthetic BiologyReadingsGame: Post-Apocalyptic Blues [11am to 3pm]The Chromatics: Concert #3Should You Watch: Symphogear?Fairy Tales for the Modern AgeSpace Age Fashion: Dressing For The Future!The Creative Influence of MoorcockWriting A Film-Friendly NovelOpen FilkWorkshop: Victorian Hat Stand ($15) or Pincushion ($10) [Family Friendly]
12:00 PMPurdom, LeacockHow to Channel Your Compulsive World-Building HabitWhat Your Action Figures Are Trying To Tell YouReadingsDiversity in Anime and Manga [90 min]Science Fiction as Social EducationGardner Dozois’s “The Peacemaker”Submitting Art to MagazinesBabylon 5Concerts: Dr. SetiWorkshop: Fabric Manipulation
1:00 PMMiklesWhen Less Is MoreDemo: Digital Art Improv with N.E. LillyReadingsScreening: Starship Farragut Animated Episodes1:30pm - Screening: Izetta: The Last WitchThe Myth of the Mad ScientistThe Impact of Learning to Write via FanfictionHow Do Radios Really Work?Retail Skills for the IntrovertFilk Theme Circle: Media-Inspired SongsWorkshop: Foam Sabers / Therapy Swords [Family Friendly]
2:00 PMKissinger, WaltersAt Loose EndsWar Games in the Immune SystemReadingsScreening: Izetta: The Last WitchCyberpunk 2.0Jungian Archetypes in SF & FRoundtable: A Farewell to Adventure TimeThe Planet of the ApesPhilcon 2018 Songwriting Contest Performances
3:00 PMPhilcon Feedback SessionDead Cheesesteak Filk Circle and Gripe Session