Philcon Program Grid


Crystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
4:00 PMJews in Space: Shabbat ServicesScreening: Cowboy Bebop [eps 1-2] [TV-14]
5:00 PMMasquerade Registration from 3pm to 8:30pmScreening: Cowboy Bebop [eps 3-4]How Climate Change will Change the Climate of Science FictionSEE GALLERY PULL-OUT FOR FULL LIST!
6:00 PMA Newcomer's Guide to PhilconAutonomous VehiclesReadings: Paul Levinson, April Grey, James CambiasOpen Gaming starts at 6pmLegends & Fairytales in AnimeIntro to Urban FantasyIntro to NaNoWriMo & Flash Fiction ChallengeMarvel's Phase 4The Strange Biology of Multipartite VirusesFilk Concerts: 6pm - Mattie Brahen / 6:30pm - Amy FassDemo: Contouring for Glamour Looks
7:00 PMAutographs: Paul Levinson, April Grey, James CambiasWhat is Filk?From Corvus to Keyhole: Shipyards Past, Present, and Science FictionReadings: Daniel Kimmel, Jeffrey Carver, Keith R.A. DeCandidoOpen GamingWhere My Ladies at? The Strong Female Influence in Manga & AnimeAliens Among UsGenre Publications in 2019Podcast: “From Beyond” by H.P. LovecraftThe Value of a Happy EndingOpen FilkBuilding an Outfit Around a Specific Costume Piece
8:00 PMPSFS Meeting, and Readings by Tim Pratt & Heather ShawLooking for Life in Our Solar SystemLaunch Party for Jersey Pines Ink & Copper Dog Publishing, Hour 1Game: Microscope* Soundcheck *Sui Generis – Anime Without PeerCreating Idioms for Fantasy WorldsWill My Publisher Expect Me To Go On Tour?Learning to be an Effective Panel ModeratorFlirting in FandomFilk Circle: Songs With ChorusesGame: Heart of Mystery
9:00 PMMeet The Pros & Art Show ReceptionJust How Big a Problem is Overpopulation, Anyway?Launch Party for Jersey Pines Ink & Copper Dog Publishing, Hour 2Gaming Suite Meet & GreetSara Henya - Concert #1Failed Americanized AnimeThe Impact of the MCU on Hollywood's Casting ChoicesEnjoying Other People's Media WorldsBharat's Ballads, Hour 1Friday Night Open FilkGame: Star Trek Attack Wing, 8pm - 10pm
10:00 PMMeet The Pros & Art Show ReceptionRoundtable: Terminator Dark FateGame: One Night Ultimate WerewolfFriday Night DanceSeminal Sketch SciFi AnimeBatman: The Tom King YearsWorkshop: Plot Planning with StoryForge and Tarot Cards ~ 90 minBharat's Ballads, Hour 2Friday Night Open Filk
11:00 PMEye of Argon InteractiveGame: Cards Against Humanity [18+]Military Anime, or I Didn't Know Blatant Propaganda Could Be This Cute!The Care And Feeding of Psychological HorrorRoundtable: Russian DollCosplay Court Case - Night Court [18+]Friday Night Open Filk
11:59 PMScreening: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime [eps 1-4] [TV-14]


Crystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AMGame: Star Wars Armada, 9am - 11:30pmMasquerade Registration from 10am to 3pmIntro to Board GamingScreening: Fruits Basket (2019) [eps 1-2] [TV-14]SEE GALLERY PULL-OUT FOR FULL LIST!
10:00 AMGame: AVP Aliens Anniversary, 1pm - 5pmMy Favorite BooksGames as Character BuildersWriter's Workshop, Hour 1Creating More Inclusive Games* Soundcheck *Screening: Fruits Basket (2019) [eps 3-4] [TV-14]Linguistics in Science Fiction9am - Jews in Space: Shabbat ServicesWorkshop: Performing a ReadingWhat Inspires You to Sing?Workshop: Ruched Fabric Roses [$10 Fee]
11:00 AMAutographs: Daniel Kimmel, Jeffrey Carver, Keith R.A. DeCandidoHow Does a Reader Discover New Authors?Artificial Intelligence and ConsciousnessWriter's Workshop, Hour 2Writing Branching Narratives for Game Play11:30 - Workshop: Presenting a Costume on StageThe Day The Kids Sat Still: The History & Legacy of Saturday Morning CartoonsWriting for Aliens: Family and Social StructuresHow To NOT Sell Your BookAUs You Didn't Know You NeededDiversity and Representation in 2019, Hour 1Filk Sing-A-LongTaking a Costume from 2D to 3D
12:00 PMAutographs: Michael Swanwick, Phil Giunta, Tess Kissinger, Bob WaltersEnding Literary SnobberyAsk a Small PublisherReadings: Lawrence M. Schoen, Michael Ventrella, Elektra HammondKaffeeklatsch with Tim PrattSetting the Scene: Ambience for GMsAnxiety, Depression, and an Otherwise Promising Knack for WritingLiberty or Death: Code Geass and The American RevolutionThe Women of MarvelI Want To Do BetterStranger Things Season 3Diversity and Representation in 2019, Hour 2Memorial Filk CircleHome-Scale Biodiesel Production Lecture & Demo [Family Friendly]
1:00 PMAutographs: Lawrence M. Schoen, Michael Ventrella, Jay SmithAlternative History in the Age of Alternative FactsThe Future of Synthetic Biology and Public BiohackingReadings: David Walton, Dina Leacock, Hildy SilvermanKnitting CircleMaking Physical Games from Digital FilesPresentation by Artist GoH Stephanie LawMasters of GrayskullRelationships in Star TrekHow to Establish Your Own ImprintA Tribute to Gene WolfeDC's Doom Patrol AdaptationFilk Circle: Tales of WomenThe Best Media For Costume Ideas
2:00 PMAutographs: David Walton, Dina Leacock, Lyndsey BellamyWhat To Do When Bad People Write Good BooksMake it So: The 1990s TV Series Game ShowKnitting CircleCall of Cthulhu for Dinner *Again*?In Conversation with Tim PrattStar Blazers 40th AnniversaryObsolete ScienceRoundtable: Moving Beyond "Coming Out" Stories in Queer FictionArt and Illustration for ProfitRemembering Robert BlochFilk Circle: Classic Filk SongsWorkshop: Intro to Basic Electrical Soldering [$10 Fee] [Family Friendly]
3:00 PMAutographs: Tim Pratt, Stephanie Law, Heather Shaw* Masquerade Greenroom *Comic Books AdaptedReadings: Tom Purdom, Barna William Donovan, Nicholas KaufmannLaunch Party for ''P is for Pluto'', Hour 1Learn to Play Cribbage!3:30 - Masquerade Rehearsals, Hour 1Mecha: Or How I Learned to Worship the GundamAdapting Novels Into ScreenplaysUrban Fantasy CreaturesBuilding Your Own AnthologyJewish Science FictionFilk Circle: Tales of Heroes and VillainsThe Beginner's Guide to Game Development
4:00 PMAutographs: Tom Purdom, Barna William Donovan* Masquerade Greenroom *Time Dispersion in Quantum MechanicsBroad Universe Rapid-Fire ReadingsLaunch Party for ''P is for Pluto'', Hour 2Open GamingMasquerade Rehearsals, Hour 2Ghost in the Matrix: Sci-Fi AnimeFairy Tale RemixesBorrowing From Literary FictionPodcast: "Cold Colors” by Neil GaimanGood Omens: Can I Hear A Wahoo?Filk Circle: Comedy SongsDrop-In Workshops, Continued
5:00 PMAutographs: Joan Wendland, Brian Koscienski* Masquerade Greenroom *Building Your Readership with LibrariesAcross the Universe!Launch Party for "Starship Alchemon", Hour 1Open GamingMaking Your Voices HeardThe Blurry Line Between Cutting Edge and PseudoscienceHow To Serve Our New Robot OverlordsWhy, Hollywood, Why??Read & Discuss: "A Witch’s Guide to Escape:" by Alix E. HarrowFilk Concerts: 5pm - Gary Ehrlich / 5:30pm - Paul LevinsonGame Demo: Kristala [Family Friendly]
6:00 PMGame: Historical Gaming, 1pm - 8pm* Masquerade Greenroom *What Makes A Story Satisfying?Readings: Joan Wendland, Brian Koscienski, Darrell SchweitzerLaunch Party for "Starship Alchemon", Hour 2Open GamingCatch 'Em, Train 'Em, Trade 'EmNon-Linear StorytellingThe Best Science Fiction You Missed Last YearWorld-Building in Tabletop RPGsAirships and Arya-Samaj ~ 90 minFilk Circle: Magic and WizardryGame Demo: Kristala [Family Friendly]
7:00 PM* Masquerade Greenroom *What *Else* Makes a Story Satisfying?Workshop: Getting Real About Fantasy Writing, Hour 1eSpec Books Launch Party, Hour 1Open Gaming7:30 - Doors Open For Masquerade SeatingRWBY: The Good, The Bad, and The FNDM TheoriesThe Evolution of MarsWhat Kind of Editor Do I Need?How Will Climate Change Affect Human Evolution?7:30pm - Mantras, Mudra, Sutra & MECHA! ~ 90 minFilk Circle: Overlords Good and Evil
8:00 PMGame: Doctor Who Adventures, 8:30pm - 10pm* Masquerade Greenroom *Tabby’s StarWorkshop: Getting Real About Fantasy Writing, Hour 2eSpec Books Launch Party, Hour 2Game: Fiasco: Hurricane SquadThe Sandy Swank Memorial Masquerade, Hour 1Green Ghibli: Environmentalism in Miyazaki FilmsFoundations of Worldbuilding: Geography and WeatherGreat Science Fiction McGuffinsStar Trek Engineers: RankedMantras, Mudra, Sutra & MECHA! continuedFilk Circle: Favorite CharactersGame: Beta Test for Chronicles of Salbazan
9:00 PM* Masquerade Greenroom *Dystopia NowMillion Year Picnic Book Club Meet-UpLaunch Party for Fortress Publishing, Hour 1Open GamingThe Sandy Swank Memorial Masquerade, Hour 2Americanized AnimeThe Worlds of Andre NortonThe Emergence of Science FictionRoundtable: The Good PlaceDoomsday Clock and BeyondSaturday Night Open FilkGame: Time vs Ninja ~ 90 Minutes
10:00 PM* Masquerade Greenroom *Compassionate RepresentationScary Stories to Tell in The DarkLaunch Party for Fortress Publishing, Hour 2Game: One Night Ultimate WerewolfThis Way To The Egress - Concert #1: Masquerade Half-Time ShowBad Anime, Bad! 2019 EditionMeet the Editors!Cancelled Before Their TimeRedesigning You: A Guided Meditation to Your Newly Minted PersonaSaturday Night Open Filk
11:00 PMGame of ThronesGame: Cards Against Humanity [18+]Yokai Yaoi [18+]Life Beyond Death" AO3's Hugo Nomination!" [18+]Cosplay Court Case - Night Court [18+]Saturday Night Open Filk
11:59 PMScreening: Cells at Work! [eps 1-4] [TV-14]


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Crystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AMMasquerade Photo Purchases & Award Pick-Ups 10am to 2pmScreening: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, Hour 1 [13+]Sunday Meeting for WorshipSEE GALLERY PULL-OUT FOR FULL LIST!
10:00 AMGame: Starship Troopers, 10am - NoonPlaying Mr. Potato Head with the PastRosie or the Roomba?Readings: Anna Kashina, Alex Shvartsman, Stephanie BurkeOpen Gaming From 10am to 3pmScreening: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, Hour 2 [13+]Self-Publishing for [Error - No Longer Exists]Workshop: How To Give an InterviewRoundtable: Amazon Does TolkienWhat Are Your Favorite Songs?Demo: Amazing Things You Can Make With T-Shirts
11:00 AMAutographs: Anna Kashina, Alex ShvartsmanYour Story Doesn't Start Until Page Eleven?Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time and SpaceReadings: Samuel Delany, Bernie Mojzes, Gordon LinznerVeteran's RememberanceOpen GamingThis Way To The Egress - Concert #2Disability In AnimeThe Star Trek NovelsNon-fiction Books that Fiction Writers Should ReadGodzilla and the MonsterverseHow Gaming Is Important To FandomFilk Circle: Songs that Tell StoriesWorkshop: Quilting for Beginners, Hour 2
12:00 PMAutographs: Samuel Delany, Gordon Linzner, Neil ClarkeBlack Holes: A Traveler's Guide [Family Friendly]How Far Can You Suspend Someone's Disbelief?Readings: Ken Altabef, Robert C. Roman, KT PintoOpen GamingAnime in the "Before" TimeRituals for Conjuring Novel TitlesAre We The Capitol?Space Westerns: The Appeal of the Galactic CowboyThe AI RevolutionFilk Concerts: 12pm - Roberta Rogow / 12:30pm - Batya WittenbergWorkshop: Costumes for Your Eyes [$5 Fee]
1:00 PMArt Show Live Auction 1:00 - 1:30pmAutographs: Ken Altabef, Robert C. Roman, John GrantWill WE Be The Robots??Book Layout and Design for BeginnersReadings: Heather Hutsell, Miriam Seidel, Mattie BrahenOpen GamingSara Henya - Concert #2Unlicensed Anime: We’re Waiting…The Adaptation ConundrumThe Art of the PitchChildren and HorrorFilk Concerts: 1pm - Gary McGath / 1:30pm - Mark MandelPhilcon 2020 Workshop Idea Roundtable
2:00 PMPurchased Artwork Pick-Up From 1:30pm to 3pmAutographs: Heather Hutsell, Valerie MiklesThe Rise of the PunksElements of Cover DesignReadings: Katrina Forest, Robert E. Waters, Danielle Ackley-McPhailOpen GamingAnime Blinded Me with Science!Genres and AltarsSF & F Books To Give To Your Kids [Family Friendly]The "Jurassic Park" of 1969Roundtable: Tokusatsu ChatPhilcon 2019 Songwriting Contest Performances
3:00 PMGamer's ConclavePhilcon Feedback SessionFilk Feedback Session & Dead Cheesesteak Filk Circle