Philcon Program Grid


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
4:00 PMJews in Space - Friday Shabbat Services (Hour 1)Screening: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (eps 1-3, until 5:30pm)
5:00 PMJews in Space - Friday Shabbat Services (Hour 2)Screening: Momotaro: Sacred Sailors (starts at 5:30pm)Franz Kafka: It's Not All About CockroachesGame: Mineral Memory [Family Friendly]
6:00 PMReadings: Carl Paolino at 6pm and Jay Smith at 6:30pmThe Consuite Opens at 6pmOpen Gaming from 6pm to 1amScreening: Momotaro: Sacred SailorsCurrent SF AnthologiesSelling Science Fiction in 2017 AmericaExotic Building Toys [Family Friendly]
7:00 PMAutographs: Jay Smith and Paul LevinsonWriting For Aliens: Anatomy and BiologyThe Worst Science I've Seen on FilmReadings: Ken Altabef at 7pm and David Walton at 7:30pmAnime You Should Be Watching: 2017 EditionWhat Do We Owe Mary Shelley?Writing Workshops Worth Your Time (and Money)Star Trek: DiscoveryLearning to be an Effective Panel ModeratorThe Philadelphia Cosplay SceneEarly Bird Filking
8:00 PMThe Art Show Opens at 8pmAutographs: Ken Altabef and David WaltonNovember Meeting of the PSFS & Reading by Janny WurtsRobot War: We are Sooo There AlreadyGame: D&D 4th Edition Shtetlpunk Game (8pm to Midnight)A First Look at Star Blazers 2202 and the Return of the Comet Empire!Science Fiction Stories Age Like WineFairy Tales, Joseph Campbell, and the Heroine's JourneyThe Dark TowerFandom and IdentificationThe Best Resources for Historical CostumingCampfire Singalong with Filthy Pierre
9:00 PMArt Show Silent Bidding Ends Sunday at NoonAutographs: Janny Wurts and Tom DoyleMeet The Pros and Art Show Opening ReceptionGreat Costumes!Social Event: Gaming Suite Meet and GreetBed & Breakfast Concert #1The Hunt For The Tuatha de Danaan: Full Metal Panic and Tom ClancyMilitary Science Fiction: Squids vs Grunts50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-HeroesHot Glue TechniquesOpen Filk
10:00 PM(Don't Forget to See if You Won Your Bids!)Meet The Pros and Art Show Opening ReceptionIs Meat from a Replicator Kosher?Screening: The Legend of Zelda - Oblivion RisingGame: One Night Ultimate Werewolf10:30pm - Dorian's Dance PartyThe Golden Age of Anime?Workshop: Setting up Amazon AdsNeed Help Finishing Your Masquerade Costume?Filk Theme Circle: Pegasus 2018 Category - Best Road Trip song
11:00 PMThe Art Show Closes at MidnightEye of Argon Interactive: Chapter FiveGame: Cards Against Humanity [18+]Dorian's Dance PartyScreening: The Legend of the Galactic Heroes (eps 1-2)How to Write a Crisis for a 21st Century AudienceFriday Night Open Filk
11:59 PMThe Consuite Closes at MidnightScreening: The Legend of the Galactic Heroes (eps 3-4)Friday Night Open Filk


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming)Crystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AM8:30am Screening: Saturday Morning MiST - The Killer ShrewsThe Consuite Opens at 9amScreening: Princess Tutu (eps 1-2) [Family Friendly]Jews in Space - Saturday Shabbat Services (Hour 1)
10:00 AMThe Art Show Opens at 10amAutographs: Anna KashinaHow Libraries Have Changed3D Printing Costume AccessoriesWriter's Workshop (Hour 1)Rolling for Social Skills: Interactive Media and Interpersonal DevelopmentScreening: Princess Tutu (eps 3-4) [Family Friendly]The Real Code of ChivalrySocial Media for ProsThe Future of Godzilla FilmsJews in Space - Saturday Shabbat Services (Hour 2)Workshop: Decorating Miniature Hats (90 Minutes) [Family Friendly, $5 Fee]Digitalizing Audio: Advice for Beginners
11:00 AMDrawing Demo with Don MaitzAutographs: Jon McGoran and Amy Howard WilsonTabletop Gaming from 11am to 6pmCaptain America Would NEVER "Heil" HydraDemystifying Dinosaur DevelopmentWriter's Workshop (Hour 2)Veterans RemembranceDiversity in GamingBed & Breakfast Concert #2 (with Seanan McGuire!)Social Progress Through Monster GirlsFarewell, Fantastic AldissResearching & Worldbuilding for Historical AUsHow Casting Affects Our PerceptionOvaries of SteelOpen Filk
12:00 PMHow To (Hopefully) Make Money with Your Art at ConventionsAutographs: Bill Sutton and Brenda Sutton of Bed & BreakfastMasquerade Registration from 10am to 2pm"Actually, Science Fiction Has ALWAYS Been Political."Neurodivergence and Changeling MythologiesReadings: James L. Cambias at Noon and April Grey at 12:30pmTea with Seanan McGuireGame DesignThe Life & Works of Hideaki AnnoChoosing Deliberate MystifiersThe Flaws of Golden Age SF Literature...and Why You Should Read It AnywayHarry Potter, Twenty Years LaterWomen in Comics: Amazon EditionAmazing Things You Can Do To A T-ShirtConcerts: Gary Ehrlich, Kathy Sands, and Marc Glasser
1:00 PMWorkshop: Paper-Weaving [Family Friendly, Age 10+]Autographs: James L. Cambias and April GreyHow to Plot a StoryThe Future of SportsReadings: Robert C. Roman 1pm and Keith R.A. DeCandido at 1:30pmYoji Kondo MemorialShared Storytelling in GamesSpecial Guest Janny Wurts: Bust the Five Lies that Stop Your CreativityThe Mythology Behind Sailor MoonMeet the Editors!Dealing with Writer's BlockStranger ThingsGeorge A. Romero: In MemoriamWorkshop: Seams Aren't *That* Hard...Right?Concerts: Batya Wittenberg and Ariel Cinii
2:00 PMArt Show Silent Bidding Ends Sunday at NoonAutographs: Jer Keene and Keith R.A. DeCandido"That's Not History, That's Hollywood."What Are We Currently Doing In Space?Readings: Joan Wendland at 2pm and Tom Purdom at 2:30pm"I Made This Comic" Show-and-TellSaturday Afternoon Family Gaming Time (Hour 1)Artist GoH Don Maitz: How It Gets AMaitzingThe Other 362: Other Anime Stuff to DoPerspective and the Unreliable NarratorWriting Advice You Should IgnoreSense8SciFi from the Parents' EyeDisplaying Your Costume On StageFilk Theme Circle: Songs from the Members of the Filk Hall of Fame
3:00 PM(Don't Forget to See if You Won Your Bids!)Autographs: Joan Wendland and Tom Purdom*Masquerade Green Room*The Quantum Labyrinth: How Richard Feynman and John Wheeler Revolutionized Time Readings: Day Al-Mohammed at 3pm and Tobias Cabral at 3:30pmOpen Knitting & Textiles Crafting Circle (Hour 1)Saturday Afternoon Family Gaming Time (Hour 2)Principal Speaker Seanan McGuire: In Conversation...You, Too, Can be an Anime YouTuber!If Christianity Had Never Come AlongDitching the FormulaWorkshop: How to Draw Dinosaurs [Family Friendly]Open Filk
4:00 PMWorkshop: Making Wire Trees [Family Friendly, Age 8+]Autographs: Seanan McGuire and Don Maitz*Masquerade Green Room*Practical Telepathy: The Science & Engineering of Mind-ReadingBroad Universe Rapid-Fire ReadingsOpen Knitting & Textiles Crafting Circle (Hour 2)Game: Post-Apocalyptic Blues: Back to School (4pm to 8pm)The Life & Works of Satoshi KonAdventures in Sentence ConstructionDiverting from the MainstreamENSEMBLES ASSEMBLE!Oh, and the Places You'll Go: The 40th Anniversary of TravellerFilk Theme Circle: Songs Grown from Folk Tales
5:00 PMDemo: Watercolor PaintingAutographs: Paul Halpern and Michael A. Ventrella*Masquerade Green Room*Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Billionaire Philanthropist PlayboyReadings: Sally Wiener Grotta at 5pm and L. Hunter Cassells at 5:30pmFirst Fandom ReminiscingMasquerade Rehearsal 5:00 - 6:30pmNautical Nonsense: A look into Japanese Naval History and the Anime It SpawnedThings You Should ReadPublishing, Public Domain, Copyright, and the Creative CommonsAmerican GodsTransmetropolitan: Twenty Years Ago Today...Hands-On Science! [Family Friendly]Memorial Filk Circle
6:00 PM*Masquerade Green Room*Demo: Illustrating Stories Using PhotoshopOpen Gaming from 2pm to 1amMasquerade Rehearsal 5:00 - 6:30pmScreening: Valerian & Laureline (eps 1-2)The Dying Sun: Tales of a Very Remote FutureHow Do I Make An Audiobook of Out of My Work?Open Filk
7:00 PMThe Art Show Closes at 8pm*Masquerade Green Room*WestworldJersey Pines Ink Book Launch Party7:30 - Doors Open For Masquerade SeatingScreening: Valerian & Laureline (eps 3-4)"You Ended It Like THAT?!"Writing and Promoting under a PseudonymConcert: Joe Haughey
8:00 PM*Masquerade Green Room*Cybernetics, DRM, and the Right-to-Repair"Awaken the Stars" Fan Meet & GreetJersey Pines Ink Book Launch PartyGame: TORG RPG (8pm to Midnight)The Sandy Swank Memorial MasqueradeAnime in the "Before" TimeThe Monster Lurking Within Us AllWriting Space Battles
9:00 PM*Masquerade Green Room*Climate Change in the Next Ten Years9:30 to 10:30pm - The Ginger KICK! Ginger tastingOpen GamingThe Sandy Swank Memorial MasqueradeGreat International AnimationRead & Review: Jackalope Wives by Ursula VernonYou Are Not The OneHail To The King: Kirby at 100Filk Theme Circle: Pegasus 2018 Category - About Community
10:00 PM*Masquerade Green Room*How To Become A Commercial Drone Pilot9:30 to 10:30pm - The Ginger KICK! Ginger tastingGame: One Night Ultimate Werewolf10:30pm - Screening: Starship Farragut - Conspiracy of InnocenceRejoice Philcon, Your Wish Will Be Granted [18+]Is a Creator Morally Responsible for the Consequences of their Creations?Writing Non-Standard Romance ArcsFlirting, Dating, and Relationships in the Age of ConsentSaturday Night Open Filk
11:00 PMWhy Do We Enjoy Reading- and Writing- About Horrible Things?Game: Cards Against Humanity [18+]Screening: Starship Farragut - The CrossingScreening: Elfen Lied (eps 1-2) [18+]The Dangers of Dating Dinosaurs [18+]Workshop: How To Make Your Characters Believably TwistedGame of Thrones Season 7WRATH OF CONNNN! [18+]Saturday Night Open Filk
11:59 PMThe Consuite Closes at MidnightScreening: Elfen Lied (eps 3-4) [18+]


Art Show (Grand Ballroom C)Autograph TableCrystal Ballroom ThreeCrystal Ballroom TwoExecutive Suite 623Executive Suite 823Executive Suite 923Grand Ballroom APlaza I (One)Plaza II (Two)Plaza III (Three)Plaza IV (Four)Plaza V (Five)Plaza VI (Six)The Gallery
9:00 AMThe Consuite Opens at 9amGame: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-01: The CommencementScreening: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Hour 1) [Family Friendly]
10:00 AMThe Art Show Opens at 10amThe Role of Antiquity and Myth in Science FictionBiology for WritersOpen Gaming from 9am to 3pmScreening: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Hour 2) [Family Friendly]What Impact Can Any One Novel Have?Workshop: Performing a ReadingWorkshop: Belly LanguageSunday Meeting for WorshipWorkshop: Beaded Talisman Bags [Family Friendly, $10 Fee]Filk Hall of Fame Discussion
11:00 AMDemo: Painting with Dryer LintAutographs: John Grant and Steve WilsonCreating Aliens, Monsters and Fantasy Creatures in Motion PicturesThe State of the Maker MovementReadings: Samuel Delany at 11am and Dina Leacock at 11:30amOpen GamingBed & Breakfast Concert #3Kickin' It Old School, Star Blazers Style"Reference All The Things!"Professional Practices for Aspiring AuthorsHow Gaming Is Important To ReunionHow Did You MAKE That??Filk Theme Circle: Harry Potter
12:00 PMSilent Bidding is Over & The Art Show is now ClosedAutographs: Samuel Delany and Dina LeacockFoundations of Worldbuilding: Travel and TransportationHidden Figures: The African-American Women Who Sent the U.S. to SpaceReadings: Gordon Linzner at Noon and Anthony Dobranski at 12:30pmWhat Does it Take to be A Full-Time Scholar?Open GamingKimono: Reality vs. FictionBest of EnemiesThe Influence of Film on Contemporary Science Fiction WritingQueer Narratives in Recent MediaWorkshop: Practical Self-DefenseWorkshop: Make & Take Foam Sabers / Therapy Swords [Family Friendly]Filk Theme Circle: Languages
1:00 PMArt Show Live AuctionAutographs: Gordon Linzner and Anthony DobranskiSo You Want To Run A Convention...Adzes and Atlatls: A Look At Early Human TechnologyReadings: Alan Gordon at 1pm and Hildy Silverman at 1:30pmOpen Gaming1:30pm - Janny Wurts Plays the BagpipesAnime Armaments & Toon TacticsSubterranean Science FictionFinding a Good EditorAre Comics Becoming More Diverse- Or Just Doing What They Always Did?Roundtable: What Wizarding America SHOULD Have Looked LikeEmbellishing Fabrics: Altering Material to Make a Faux Lace or DrawnworkWizard Rock v. Filk: Irreconcilable Differences?
2:00 PM1:30 to 3:00pm - Art Show SalesAutographs: Alan Gordon and Chris KreuterSuccessfully Negotiating Book ContractsBeautiful Art in Video GamesReadings: Elektra Hammond at 2pm and Justine Graykin at 2:30pmThe Consuite Closes at 3pmOpen GamingScreening: The Vision of Escaflowne (eps 1-2)The Art of the NovellaClassic SF Anthology ShowsFandom Road: Hugh & Savan Beat the Dickens out of Each OtherQuilting For BeginnersPhilcon 2017 Songwriting Contest Performances
3:00 PMPhilcon Feedback SessionConsuite Dead Dog Party from 4 to 5pmScreening: The Vision of Escaflowne (eps 3-4)Dead Cheesesteak Filk Circle and Gripe Session